Welcome to Wild Southern Ocean! I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with you the wonders of the Southern Ocean. Travelling through the islands of the South Atlantic and through Patagonia I have been honoured to have the wonderful muse of nature for my art. I am delighted to share these images with you now. T x


Taste of the Sub Antarctic

Through these images I want to share with you snippets of life in the Sub Antarctic. Including wildlife, landscapes and other most interesting aspects.

Support Charity

Watch out for out charity items. 5% of of the sales of these items will go to the various animal and environmental charities such as South Georgia Heritage Trust, Falklands Conservation and Antarctic Heritage Trust. Others will be added as we grow.

  • Wildlife

    Our first collection will be a collection of wildlife images from South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

  • This collection will contain lots of penguins, seals and other wildlife around the Southern Ocean.

Learn about the Sub Antarctic region

Our goals...

Spreading Awareness

Every item will include information about that species or location, spreading awareness of the unique environment.


Special items will become available that donate a percentage of the sale to a charity doing work in the Sub Antarctic region.

Start a Conversation

By wearing your item start conversations with others on the conservation of the area.